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NS Argentina In the midst of an institutional crisis caused by the power vacuum of mass resignations By order of your deputy, Christina Kirchner, President Alberto Fernandez He decided to cancel a scheduled trip to Mexico Friday (17), to prevent his deputy from taking power during his absence. “I am not the one who puts the boss under control, but election result‘, defended Christina Kirchner.

Argentina’s government suffered a severe electoral defeat, in legislative previews on Sunday

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez plans to travel early Friday (17) afternoon to Mexico, where he will spend the weekend, and from there, he will recover on his way to New York to participate, in person, in the United Nations Assembly on Tuesday (21). But both flights were canceled due to the institutional crisis the government is experiencing.

Official sources, quoted by Argentine newspapers, confirmed that “the president has suspended his trips abroad.”

The trip was to Mexico to participate in the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Countries (CELAC). Argentina aspires to chair this forum. But the speech at the UN Council will be ostensible, as Alberto Fernandez does not want to leave the government under the control of Cristina Kirchner. During his absence from the country, the presidency is assumed by his deputy, with whom the president is engaged in a political duel for power.

Christina Kirchner He demands a ministerial reform that changes the direction of the government and also wants the economy minister to adopt an expansionary economic policy to increase public spending until the November 14 legislative elections., which is central to the government’s political plans for control of Congress. Alberto Fernandez preferred to postpone changes in ministries until after the elections, but given the crisis, She is now forced to reformulate her government team.

“Resignations are causing serious harm to the government and the letter published by Christina Kirchner reveals the vice president is ordering the president to submit it to her. The president is under surveillance. The political situation is tragic,” notes RFI political analyst, Nelson Castro.

It’s not me who puts the president under control, but the outcome of the elections‘,” Christina Kirchner claimed in an open letter published in the past hours.

The vice president points to a resounding defeat in last Sunday’s primary. The scale of the defeat buries the government’s goal of controlling Congress and translates into a rejection of the administration of President Alberto Fernandez, midway through his term. Primary elections tend to be irreversible, with the results of the November elections expected.

In the long letter, Cristina Kirchner blames Alberto Fernandez for the “unprecedented electoral defeat of Peronism” and orders what needs to be done

“I have always been talking to the president about what constitutes a sensitive social situation for me. He was practicing a misguided fiscal adjustment policy that would have electoral consequences.“, Accuse.” I got tired of saying and the answer was always I was wrong,” Christina Kirchner slams for pushing for cabinet reform.

He wonders: “Do you really think that it is not necessary, after this defeat, to openly submit resignations?”. “The president should relaunch his government and sit down with the economy minister to review the numbers‘, it indicates.

However, in the face of resignations, Alberto Fernandez is preparing for a ministerial reform and announcing a package of fiscal measures aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the lower and lower middle classes, in an attempt to reverse the election results, just like his own. Vice wants.

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