Argentine Javier Miley faces the first major test in Congress by voting on the “comprehensive” bill world

Argentine Javier Miley faces the first major test in Congress by voting on the “comprehensive” bill  world

The Argentine House of Representatives begins voting today on the economic package presented by Javier Miley

The “omnibus” bill is a package covering multiple and very diverse topics, from the privatization of state-owned enterprises to security policy issues to the centralization of power in the hands of Miley.

Outside Congress, police officers surrounded left-wing demonstrators who oppose the “omnibus” bill.

The House vote is Milley's first major test in the Legislature since he took power on December 10.

It faces difficulties because the government group in Congress represents a minority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In order for the text to enter into force, it must be approved by representatives and senators.

Before going to plenary session, there were weeks of negotiations between representatives who are not members of the government, but can vote in favor of the text.

In an attempt to pass the law, the government removed more than a hundred articles, including a section on tax issues.

The initial version contained 664 articles. More than 100 were removed or changed. It was expected that at least 170 points would be raised for discussion. In the end, just over half of the original articles remained in the text.

The government stated that politicians “have the opportunity to begin to reverse the damage they have caused to the Argentine people.”

Demonstrators protest in front of the Argentine Congress during a vote on the bus law in Maili. – Photography: Augustin Markarian – Reuters

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