can you? The airline recommends refusing the meal on board for ethical reasons

can you?  The airline recommends refusing the meal on board for ethical reasons

One of the services included on long-haul flights is meals on board. There are people who rely on him and even wake up not to lose him just by smelling him in the hallway. But what do you think if the airline suggests you refuse your food? Although this sounds strange, it is true, and we will explain to you the reason for this controversial act.

was the measure in question adopted by Japan Airlines (JAL), which now offers passengers the option to refuse service on board as an “ethical choice”.

According to the company, the purpose of the proposal is to avoid food waste, and thus the action is called Choosing an ethical JAL meal is a skip option (JAL’s moral skipping meal option).

In addition, as justification, the airline points out that the “ethical choice” is sustainable and that the passenger of his choice can rest more, without interruption, not being inconvenienced while on board.

The option to skip meals has begun to be offered in 2020 on a few flights. The measure was extended to all classes and routes on the company’s international flights in December 2022, and gained more impact this year.

The case sparked controversy after a passenger recently shared a copy of an email he received from JAL about the new option. In the post, the user asked if this would be accepted by foodies on the plane (ie, I wouldn’t give up my meal).

“moral choice”?

Japan Airlines has sent the following message to its passengers: “We would like to introduce you to the new ‘JAL Ethical Choice MealSkip Option’ service, where you can cancel your meals while booking to enjoy your sleep throughout the flight.”

As I mentioned, refusal to serve is a motion, which means you can choose to receive your food as normal.

Considered an “ethical choice” to opt out requires you to sign up 25 hours or more before your flight. Before departure, the passenger must go to the company’s website and indicate the “without meal” option.

food waste

For each person who chooses the “skip a meal” option, JAL said it will donate “a certain amount” to be used for school lunch programs for children in developing countries.

“JAL is committed to reducing food waste, alleviating hunger in developing countries, and supporting an environment where everyone has access to a quality education.” communication company.

Commercial flights generate about six million tons of waste annually, 20% of which is from uneaten food and beverage waste, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

To show you how to prepare the meals served on Azul International Cruises, our team at Melhores Destinos made a video. Check it out below.

with information from the newspaper independent.

I hope this action really benefits food programs! What do you think of the company’s position? Will you give up your meal without any problems? Do you think that the procedure is really to reduce the loss or increase the profit of the company? Share in the comments!

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