Argentina Criticizes UK Tests on Missiles in the Falkland Islands – 04/09/2021

Argentina Criticizes UK Tests on Missiles in the Falkland Islands – 04/09/2021
Buenos Aires, April 9 (EFE) .- Argentina has strongly criticized military exercises, including a missile test by the United Kingdom on an archipelago in the South Atlantic under British rule and its sovereignty over neighboring Falkland Islands. Country.

“Argentina rejects military maneuvers, especially missiles, in the territory illegally occupied by the United Kingdom,” the Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to the government of Alberto Fernandez, these maneuvers have deliberately shied away from unjustified demonstrations and calls for a number of resolutions from the United Nations and other international bodies, urging both countries to return to the negotiating table on imperial sovereignty. Islands.

According to the memo, the British Foreign Office will conduct military exercises in the Malvinas area of ​​the United Kingdom in the next few days next to the Argentine embassy in London, launching rapier missiles.

As soon as it was officially announced, Buenos Aires sent a note of protest to London. In it, the Argentine government asked the parties not to take unilateral decisions, including introducing changes in the situation while the UN and other organizations are subject to the recommended negotiation process.

In the case of Argentina, the military presence and launch of missiles in the region contradicts another UN resolution calling for “military-important” states to respect the South Atlantic region as a zone of peace and cooperation.

Argentina has also stressed that the Argentine naval hydrographic service will issue a maritime radio alert about military exercises as soon as the launch date is known, regarding its obligations regarding navigation security in the southwestern Atlantic.

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The Argentine government has announced the situation to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the International Maritime Organization.

In 1982, Argentina and the United Kingdom clashed in a battle for sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, killing 255 Britons, 649 Argentines and three indigenous peoples. EFE

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