Argentina condemns UK’s refusal to negotiate on Falklands issue

Argentina condemns UK’s refusal to negotiate on Falklands issue

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Latin Magazine – Guillermo Carmona, Argentina’s secretary for the Falklands, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, condemned on Monday (9) before the United Nations (UN) Special Political and Colonial Commission the United Kingdom’s refusal to resume negotiations on the islands.

During his intervention, Carmona reiterated Argentina’s sovereign right to this region and accused London of flagrant and ongoing violations of international law.

“We demand justice. The United Kingdom ignores the mandates of the international community and continues unilateral actions related to the exploration and exploitation of natural resources. In addition, it maintains a disproportionate military presence in the South Atlantic,” he said.

“The most recent episode in this regard is the deployment of the so-called Kosovo Security Forces in the Falklands, which represents the introduction of foreign groups with military capabilities into the disputed territory,” he added.

He also said that his country urges the European nation to put an end to such actions and to comply with the UN resolutions asking both sides to sit at the negotiating table.

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On the other hand, the United Kingdom, 190 years ago, forcibly occupied the territory under the control and jurisdiction of Argentina, expelled the authorities established there and implemented measures to establish British subjects with the aim of defining the population structure. It allowed it to assert its colonial dominance.

“Thus, he broke the integrity of my country and made it difficult for Argentina to settle from the mainland. Therefore, the principle of self-determination cannot be applied in the case of islands,” he insisted.

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In its constitution, Argentina reaffirms its legitimate and inalienable sovereignty over the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and their associated maritime and island territories.

“The recovery of these territories, respecting the way of life of their inhabitants and conforming to international principles and laws, is the permanent and immutable goal of the people of this nation,” the constitution states.

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