The owner discovers a cat using an exercise bike, but in her own way

The owner discovers a cat using an exercise bike, but in her own way
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The teacher buys an exercise bike for your cat to lose weight, but ends up finding a different use for the device

A woman bought an exercise bike so her overweight cat could lose a few pounds the fun way. However, when she finally finds her pet using the device, she discovers that it's not quite the way she expected.

In a video shared on Sunday (19), the owner, identified as @g.mmuniz, shows the cat lying on an exercise wheel, taking a relaxing nap instead of using it to move his body – even stretching gracefully.

The video was a response to a follower's comment on a previous post, which also showed the cat taking a nap: “The exercise bike in the corner doesn't look used.” “You're right!” the teacher replied in the comment.

“I was planning to buy an exercise bike, now I'm rethinking,” one TikTok user commented. Another said: “Laughing out loud, I have a cat that looks like you and weighs between 11 and 13 kilograms and it would do the same thing.”

A third person wrote: “All I need to do is get to my resting heart rate, a little stretch and the cat is ready to go!” Another commenter said: “You're buying an exercise bike for the cat to run on. Cat: Not this way, partner, not this way.

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