Are oats good for your health? Benefits of doctor’s questions

Are oats good for your health?  Benefits of doctor’s questions
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Here comes the controversy! Which oat It is a whole grain that is widely known to be an excellent source of nutrients, in addition to providing many health benefits, as many already know.

It is commonly found in the diet of many Brazilians, and its consumption is recommended by nutritionists and doctors for those looking for a healthy diet.

However, an American doctor doubts the nutritional value of oats, and even believes that it is better for people to eat eggs instead of oats because it will be a more complete food.

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The fact is that disputes arise today over foods such as butter, milk and eggs, for example. But is there something “wrong” with cereal? Even a doctor from Arizona in the United States, known as Dr. Wolfson, posted a video on one of his social networks in which he stated that oats are “useless.”

The cardiologist currently has over 460k followers. With more than 5 million views, the post has sparked a series of questions and discontent among health professionals.

In an interview with Fala Brasil, from Rede Record, cardiologist and nutritionist Daniele Magnoni, from HCor, believes that oats and eggs are important.

“Oats should and can be used in dietary planning if you are thinking about providing adequate fiber. If we are thinking about providing more proteins, we should stick to sources of more proteins: eggs, milk and its derivatives, and meat in general.”

Oats exist in different forms, and can be consumed and prepared in countless ways, according to nutritionist Christiane Sadcada, who Fala Brasil also heard from.

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“When they become flaky, the husk is removed and crushed and then thick flakes or fine flakes are made. The more crushed, the finer the flakes. Oat bran is the husk of the oats, so it contains more fiber than these two flakes. Oat flour is oats that have been transformed “It’s turned into flour and loses some fiber, but it’s all good.”

The nutrition expert also said that oats can be eaten in the form of granola, along with fruits and honey for breakfast.

Since it is a soluble fiber, anyone who is accustomed to eating oats should drink plenty of water, which helps provide more satiety, aids the proper functioning of the intestines and also regulates bad cholesterol levels, adds nutritionist Rosselli Rossi, who was interviewed. To report.

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