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The emergency withdrawal from FGTS (Guarantee Time of Service Fund) in 2020 allowed workers to be able to recover up to minimum wages from fund accounts. The only requirement for the withdrawal was to have a balance in the account, so the measure allowed for the withdrawal of 60 million workers, and the injection of R $ 37 billion into the economy last year.

This action is also expected by workers this year, and it was also released by government officials at the beginning of the year, however, since then, little information has been released about the emergency withdrawal.

FGTS 2021 Emergency Withdrawal

Workers expected the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS since the start of the year because the federal government itself was discussing the possibility of releasing the measure for 2021.

At the time, members of the government who helped structure and detail the FGTS contingency announced that the early days of 2021 scenario would be essential for the government to enable the new release of withdrawals for this year.

In addition, at the beginning of the year, before the government issued emergency aid, the government was under severe pressure to release new containment measures in the face of the pandemic, which would facilitate the release of the emergency withdrawal.

However, with the passage of time and the position of the government, many other measures were released, such as the emergency aid itself, BEm (emergency benefit to preserve employment and income), and the thirteenth salary expectation of INSS, among other programs, it ended up taking focus Government to release the FGTS emergency loot.

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In addition, one of the points of concern for the government in the face of the new issuance of withdrawals is the compromise of the sustainability of the fund. Because, as stipulated in the legislation, the government can use the fund balance to finance business in various sectors, such as housing and sanitation, among others.

Therefore, issuing a new version of withdrawals could endanger the “life” of the workers’ guarantee fund and the government. Given this scenario, the measure workers expected could end up being shelved if the government does not adopt the measure for the coming months.

Remember that despite the slight possibility of release, as it is recommended that the worker does not have the possibility to withdraw, the procedure was also not completely ignored, as there were no data suspending the action, leaving only to wait for the next moves for the government.

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