Apple Watch helps rescue elderly man trapped in UK

Apple Watch helps rescue elderly man trapped in UK

oh Apple Watch was used To save lives And of a person. At this time, an 82-year-old man was hit by a car ShropshireIn the UK and the watch, using the fall detection feature, called emergency services to help rescue the crash victim.

The situation was recorded on a security camera by Tony Janci, who was crossing the street. In this case, a driver cut across the road and hit an elderly man, who was thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and fell to the ground shortly after. Jhansi said what happened:

I was walking back to my parked car […] I was crossing the street when I felt an impact. The next thing I saw was the bumper of a car in front of me. I was lying on the street and I couldn't move.

According to him, the Apple Watch helped save him with emergency services, as the smartwatch detected and communicated the fall, providing its location via GPS. With this, the ambulance was able to rush to the spot. According to the victim:

Another thing I want to highlight is my Apple Watch. The watch detects a fall and asks if emergency services should be called. The request could be canceled by pressing a button on the side of the phone, but I let it go and the phone called 911 as a result.

The old man ended up with a few cracked ribs, in addition to a broken collarbone. He was taken to Russell Halls Hospital in the West Midlands and is now recovering from his injuries.

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