Apple opens its Battersea store, its 40th in the UK

Apple opens its Battersea store, its 40th in the UK

A Apple Opened yesterday yours In the new store Sea of ​​Butter, in the City of London. This is the second store to feature Apple’s new retail design concept, following last month’s Tysons Corner revamp.

Located within the restoration Battersea Thermal Power Station, which will be the company’s 40th store in the UK. The site is a disused coal-fired power station known for its style Decorative work And for being one of the largest brick structures in the world.

Designed around four original brick piers from the 1930s, with exposed steel supports at the roof. The walls are lined with oak shelving and the renovated space suite includes a genius bar, display space, Apple Watch Studio, pickup area (will put) goods and so on.

Maçã also increased circulation space around the store and added new acoustic elements to the ceiling to improve sound quality. In addition, they incorporated more biomass to reduce their reliance on high-carbon components.

The store’s hardware space is flexible and can be adapted to accommodate the latest Apple devices. There’s also a physical Apple Watch Studio, where customers can mix and match (almost) infinite smartwatch styles.

To connect with the audience, The Today at Apple Offers photography and art tours with a focus on the historic building. Additionally, as part of the celebration, live singers will be performing outside the store throughout the week.

In addition to the store, Apple’s new UK headquarters is located in the same location. The company occupies about 40% of the building, including six floors above a former boiler room surrounding a central atrium. Plans for the new campus were first announced by the company seven years ago.

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Plans for Apple Stores

At the beginning of the month, the Bloomberg It revealed Apple’s ambitious plan to revamp its global retail presence by 2027 – which includes opening and refurbishing new stores in various parts of the world, and noted the opening of Apple Bettersea.

According to the website, project highlights include the first store in Malaysia, the launch of three new stores in India, the relocation of Apple Opera in Paris and possible expansion in Miami and Shanghai; However, no news has been announced for Brazil and Portugal.

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