Android: Google releases a New Year’s feature update

Android: Google releases a New Year's feature update

“Special Delivery!” So Google has identified a series of features that are launching on Android, to be used already in the Christmas and New Year periods. Announced this Wednesday (1) on the company’s blog, news includes new tools Para youtube musicGoogle Play Books and Google Photos. The package includes new tools for Android Auto and updates for Google Assistant and google images.

The first feature is the “Family Bell”, which will allow you to schedule reminders in the form of an alarm for everyone in the house, ensuring more control during birthday tasks. What’s new is that notification bells can be played on personal Android devices, smart speakers, or each person’s smart screen.

New tools also promise good times. Music, for example, offers playback controls and access to recently played tracks. The Books widget will display shortcuts to your library, while the The new Google Photos tool From next week, it will only allow photos of selected people and pets to be shown. The Memories feature promises to organize events for year-end celebrations.

More “gifts” from Google

About Android Auto It introduces something new that has been promised since May of this year: the use of Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 cell phones as car keys. The feature, for now, is limited to compatible BMWs.

Another feature that promises to make life easier for drivers is that the vehicle-friendly interface will start as soon as Android is connected to the car. And after that, a new button will start “one-click”.

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Finally, Google will extend the new permission reset feature to older Android devices, disabling all permissions for apps that the user hasn’t used in a while. Already present on devices running Android 11 and above, the functionality reaches devices running versions of Android 6.

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