Android Auto is receiving an update with a new design for Google Maps

Android Auto is receiving an update with a new design for Google Maps

Android Auto has received several design improvements over the years, but they have been small. Updates that brought significant improvements to the Auto app have been few and far between. Google is now rolling out a lightweight design update for Google Maps to try to modernize its interface on the system.

The navigation screen in Google Maps, as reported by the 9to5Google portal, receives a design update to make the information less cluttered. The estimated travel time is now more visible and appears at the top, while the remaining distance and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) information is displayed below that.

The Stop Navigation, Alternate Paths, Find More Locations, Stop on Path, and Three-Dot Menu buttons to display additional options are placed below without the dividing line that was previously there.

Today, only a few users can appreciate the new design because it looks like a server-side update. So, even if you have the latest beta version of Android Auto (v10.8) and Google Maps (v11.104.0100) installed on your phone, you may not see the new Google Maps design. This small design change makes Google Maps a bit more modern.

In recent months, Google has introduced a transparent sidebar that displays important buttons including settings, mute, orientation, and zoom in and out. This makes the design less crowded compared to previous designs.

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