Android 13 build leaked and first functions discovered

Imagem de: Android 13 tem build vazada e primeiras funções são descobertas

site team XDA Developers Has exclusive access to photos of a hypothetical building Android 13. Although the first developer preview isn’t available until 2022 – by which time many changes are possible – you can already learn about the new tools and functionality of a future update.

Chromium language change test for Germansource: Cloning / XDA Developers

Currently, it is only possible to set one language for the entire system. According to the screenshots on the website, Android 13 will allow you to change the language of each app, under Settings > Languages ​​and input > App languages.


Screenshot of Gmail app permissions settingScreenshot of Gmail app permissions settingsource: Cloning / XDA Developers

Although recent versions of Android Try to segment the notifications by importance, this may still be an issue for some users. The posted images indicate that among the camera and location access permissions, the user will also be able to manage apps notification permissions.


Snapshot of the active TARESnapshot of the active TAREsource: Cloning / XDA Developers

Another new feature in Android 13 will be TARE: Android resource economy (Android resource saving). TARE mainly focuses on saving device power: depending on battery level and apps requirements, the tool will impose custom limits on each app.

clock layout

Screenshot of the lock screen clock layout settingScreenshot of the lock screen clock layout settingsource: Cloning / XDA Developers

Finally, the last change that was announced is the possibility of changing clock layout on the lock screen. Previously, the double font design was only shown when there were no notifications on the device. Now the user will be able to activate the double line layout Always.

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Dual font design for Android watch 13Dual font design for Android watch 13source: Cloning / XDA Developers

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