Android 11 is the most used version today; Android 12 is still not in the Google list

Android 11 is the most used version today;  Android 12 is still not in the Google list

The recent update on the graph showing the presence of different versions of Android on smartphones indicates that Android 11 It is the most used today, In 28.3% of devices vs. 24.2% in November 2021. The result is expected to show the large number of devices of various brands that have already been updated or are coming with this system. It is noteworthy, however, that the graph still does not explain the existence of Android 12.

This is because, for some time, this information has been freely and openly available on the web, in a constantly updated scheme. But when Google realized this became negative advertising About iOS —Where the adoption of new software is faster, after all, the distribution depends on the center — it starts updating information less frequently, and it was limited to Android Studio.

In the second position, you can see a file Android 10, which now works on 23.9% of devices, up from 26.5% in the previous period. In third place comes Android 9 Pie with 16.2%, the percentage of other versions gradually decrease until only 0.4% use Android 4 Jelly Bean as of 2012.

The absence of Android 12 here also indicates that the graph is aimed at developers who want to see how far they can extend the compatibility of their apps, and be able to predict how many users they might lose. Of course, since Android 12 is currently the best, apps should already assume they’re running on it too, but it might not be worth working on anymore to maintain compatibility with very old versions of the system.

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