Jojo Tudinho talks about the nutritional adaptation process after surgery | celebrities

Jojo Tudinho talks about the nutritional adaptation process after surgery |  celebrities
Jojo Tudinho talks about the nutritional adaptation process after surgeryReproduction/Instagram

Published on 26/09/2023 at 17:00

Rio – Jojo Tudinho, 26 years old, spoke on social networks, on Tuesday (26), about his disappearance and the period of nutritional adaptation after obesity surgery, which was performed at the beginning of August this year.
“I’m in a hurry here and now I stopped to eat. It’s a process, it’s time to sit down to eat,” the singer said. “There are moments when you feel suffocated, and that’s what happens, it’s normal. It’s adaptation. There are vegetables that you accept, and there are vegetables that you no longer accept. Everything is adaptation, but little by little things start to improve.” The artist said.

“I’m still on the soft diet. The adjustment is great,” JoJo continued. “But it’s like that, it’s a process. You say: ‘Oh JoJo, you’re not training anymore’. Obviously, isn’t it! I have to get the doctor’s approval, and I got the approval this week,” he revealed. .

The artist took the opportunity to provide advice to those wishing to undergo surgery, and said that she was happy, as she was able to reach goals that she had never imagined. “Adapting to a soft diet is really complicated, which is why it is very important for you who want to undergo bariatric surgery, to do everything correctly, according to the doctor’s order, do not miss any meetings, and be sure to listen to the doctor, because “We know it’s difficult. Obesity surgery is an individual operation! Yesterday I weighed myself and I am so happy. “We have reached goals that we cannot even believe.”

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“Do what’s best for you, and be absolutely sure of your choice. It’s a time when you don’t have to listen to anyone, just you and the doctor,” he declared.

“We show victory with practice, not with words. Because even parrots can talk, but the results we show with practice and we have to show them to those who accompany us, that is, doctors, psychologists and nutritionists. This is more important in your process,” concluded Jojo.


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