Anac prevents Itapemirim from resuming sale of airline tickets | Economie

Anac prevents Itapemirim from resuming sale of airline tickets |  Economie

National Civil Aviation Agency (I am) The Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (ITA) on Friday (7) prevented, through a precautionary measure, the resumption of the sale of airline tickets until the company takes corrective action.

Among the measures it requires I am, is the re-accommodation of passengers, full reimbursement of tickets to consumers and response to customers on all complaints registered on the platform.

On December 17, the company All operations suspended, leaving thousands of passengers without flights on Christmas Eve.

On the date on which the ITA ceased its activities, I am It has already suspended Air Operator Certification (COA) and the spot sale of tickets.

At that time, the company justified stopping activities due to “internal restructuring”.

On Tuesday (4), the Public Prosecution Office of Sao Paulo asked the justice Bankruptcy of Viação Itapemirim and ITA Transportes Aéreos. The request also included freezing the assets of the company’s owner.

Public Ministry files for bankruptcy of Viação Itapemirim and ITA Transportes Aéreos

Prosecutors alleged that managers halted the capitalization of the bus company to create the airline, which has now been suspended.

The company has been in the field of judicial recovery since 2016 and owes about R$253 million to creditors, in addition to R$2.2 billion in taxes. However, the group launched its own airline, ITA, in May this year.

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