Ana María Braga does not present Mais Você and reveals why

Ana María Braga does not present Mais Você and reveals why

Ana Maria Braga He terrified fans when he did not appear on the channel More from you This Wednesday (7). The presenter was forced to miss the program on Wednesday (7) due to stomach pain, as she herself said on social media.

As a result, the program was presented by Tati Machado and Fabricio Battaglini, who also explained what happened to the morning host. Loro Mani also did not participate in the attraction.

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Through social media, Ana Maria Braga told her fans what happened:

Social media post from Ana Maria Braga explaining her absence from Mais Você – Clone/Instagram

“Today I didn't wake up well and had to stay home. 'Stomach ache' comes to everyone at some point. Today is going to be a wet day here so we can be together again tomorrow.

Anna Maria's house was destroyed after heavy rains

On Wednesday, Juninho, who was eliminated from BBB 24, appeared on the program and spoke about his time on the show and what he thought of his elimination.

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