ANA and United Kingdom Embassy in Brazil sign new work plan on basic health – Portuguese (Brazil)

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The National Agency for Water and Basic Sanitation (ANA) and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Brazil have signed a new work plan, within the scope of the memorandum of understanding signed between the companies in 2021, within a period of three years. It was signed this Thursday, October 6, in Brasilia, during a meeting between the ANA and the Embassy.

Participating in the signing event for the new work plan, representing ANA were CEO, Veronica Rios; Director Ana Carolina Arcolo; and Special International Advisor, Gisela Forattini. The Embassy of the United Kingdom was represented by Melanie Hopkins, Charge d’Affaires and Rafael Libera, Infrastructure Business Development Manager.

The MoU between ANA and the United Kingdom Embassy has as its theme the regulation and proper management of water supply and sanitary wastewater, including technical training and exchange of information and experiences.

During the first work programme, three workshops on regulation were held in the United Kingdom, with exchange of information on economic and technical topics, service quality standards and tariff structure. In February of this year, Director Vitor Sabac and Superintendent Cynthia Leal undertook a mission in London, England, to present the new legal framework for sanitation and ANA’s role in providing reference standards during a World Waters panel discussion. Technology Innovation Summit.

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