An iPhone shortcut lets you replicate a popular Android function; I know which

An iPhone shortcut lets you replicate a popular Android function;  I know which

There is a simple trick that makes it possible to emulate the Circle to Search function on the iPhone (iOS), which was launched in January on Android mobile phones. The supplier uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify objects highlighted by the user in photos and performs quick internet searches, allowing you to access details of a piece of clothing, a specific product or a species of animal, for example. Although the function doesn't exist natively on Apple devices, the trick combining Apple's native app and Google Lens service will have iPhone users reproducing the action. Check out how to do it below.

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Learn how to emulate the Circle to Search function on Android and on iPhone (iOS) – Image: Mariana Saguias/TechTudo

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What is the function of the research department?

Google launched Circle to Search on January 31 this year as one of the major new features incorporating AI on Android mobiles. After a user circles an object displayed in a photo or video — using his or her finger to define the border on the screen — the system automatically performs an online search. The tool shows details about that item, which could be a piece of clothing, a musical instrument, a character, or an animal, for example, providing the individual with new information about the requested item.

In addition to distributing food, a Google user asked the program a question – Image: Disclosure/Google

iOS, in turn, does not have any similar feature built into the system. However, Google Lens, which recognizes objects that appear in photos and searches for the shape online, is available in the Google app for iPhone. Using a shortcut created for Apple mobile phones, the user will have access to an automatic mechanism that will reproduce this action. The process consists of taking a screenshot and searching for the item shown in the screenshot in the Google app in an automated way, using a tap gesture behind the screen. Learn how to do it below.

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How to add a circle to the search function on iPhone?

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is install the “Search Screenshot” shortcut, which will perform the automatic action. To do this, access the Shortcuts page ( and click Add Shortcut;

Learn how to install Search Screenshot Shortcut on iPhone – Image: Reproduction/TechTudo

Step 2. Open the App Store and install the Google app on your iPhone;

You need to have the Google app installed on your iPhone to use the shortcut – Image: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 3. After installation, access your iPhone Settings and tap “Accessibility”;

You need to access the Accessibility settings on your iPhone to activate touch gestures – Image: Reproduction/TechTudo

Step 4. Select the “Ring” option and then go to “Ring Back”;

The user can activate a double or triple tap gesture on the back of the iPhone to perform actions – Image: Reproduction/TechTudo

Step 5. Decide whether you want to activate the shortcut with a double or triple click, then go to the “Shortcuts” field and select the “Find Screenshot” shortcut you just installed;

Learn how to activate the touch gesture on iPhone to launch a shortcut that mimics the Circle to Search function – Image: Reproduction/TechTudo

Step 6. Tap the back of the phone and the iPhone will search the on-screen image directly in the Google app, simulating the “Circle to Search” function.

See how the shortcut that mimics Circular para Pesquisar, from Android, works on iPhone, using the Google app – Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

With information from 9to5Google.

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