An increase in attacks on human rights in the United Kingdom

An increase in attacks on human rights in the United Kingdom

Human Rights Watch has warned of the UK government’s attacks on human rights and democracy for years, but the situation is getting worse. The right to peaceful protest has been weakened as it has experienced recently Protesters for Palestine Y Environmentalists, And the country has joined the global industrial ladder in terms of migration and refugees.

The government has approved rights-violating laws and proposed significantly weakening the protection of human rights in national law, while fueling homelessness, poverty and destitution. Yasmin Ahmed, director of HRW in the United Kingdom, warns An interview with The Guardian The behavior of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his government became “very similar to authoritarianism”.

“Previous governments, at least, had to comply with national or international laws on human rights and respect courts and human rights institutions,” Ahmed told The Guardian. “There is no intention of doing it now; otherwise, everything is the opposite.”

Since joining HRW in November 2020, Yasmin Ahmed has witnessed the unprecedented assault on human rights in the UK and internationally.

“Rishi Sunak’s government should have known to remove it Human Rights Act That doesn’t stop it from facing significant legal obstacles to its policy on Rwanda, but what we’re doing is moving to a place where the government thinks the United Kingdom can undermine the integrity of the judiciary, undermine or close down humanitarian law. Rights that don’t serve your current political agenda and creating new ideas that happen now. Finding yourself in this situation is dangerous. It’s starting to look like a dictatorship.”

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