An elephant killed an old woman and trampled her in a funeral gathering the herd and destroying the village of the victim

The animals created panic in the area by destroying Maya Mormo’s house and other homes in the village.

Pixabay / reproduce / Twitter / kanak_newsThe elephant reportedly destroyed a village after trampling its victim twice

condition An elephant killed a 70-year-old woman after she stepped on her while she was collecting water It caused global repercussions, because the animal appeared at the funeral of the victim, named Maya Mormo, and again stepped on her body. The attack, which resulted in fatalities, took place in a forest in the village of Raipal in India. The elderly woman was taken to the hospital, but she did not survive her injury. And local newspapers published new details about the case, according to the site India, after appearing aggressive at the funeral and trampling on Maya’s body, “the elephant began to roar.” Soon the other herd members came and attacked the village. The old lady lived in a mud house that was completely destroyed by the animal that killed her. According to the local press, the elephant did not spare even the goats that lived there. The herd also destroyed other homes in the area. The villagers said they fled and a woman had to climb a tree and spend the whole night on top to save a life.

Although the motive behind the aggressive behavior of . is not known the elephantWhat caught the attention was the “vengeful” way the animal behaves. to me IndiaScientists who study elephant herds attacking villages in Kenya believe that elephants have a long memory and that this type of behavior may be linked to poaching years ago. From the point of view of scientists, this dispute over land and hunting may have caused elephants to have developed with an aversion to humans. 2006 report from new world He noted that in some cases, even in areas where food is abundant, some herds attacked villages, closed roads and harmed people. This would be a reflection of the rampant hunting that occurred between the 1970s and 1980s.

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