An 11-year-old boy lost his finger during a bullying episode in the UK

An 11-year-old boy lost his finger during a bullying episode in the UK

FHi during a bullying episode – in the UK – Rahim lost a finger. The boy tried to escape from his attackers, but his right ring finger got caught while climbing the fence and was later severed.

Rahim’s mother reveals that her son has been subjected to “racial and physical abuse” since he started high school in the Abertiller Learning Community in South Wales in September.

The family has received a flood of support since mother Bailey described her son’s plight on her GoFundMe page last week.

Boxer Anthony Joshua and footballers Jadon Sancho and Ashley Williams have sent personal support messages to their mother via Instagram.

Mum Chandel Bailey said Rahim also received messages from football coach and former athlete Chris Houghton and Olympic BMX cyclist Guy White.

Education Secretary Nadim Jahawi has already described the incident as “wonderful”. Jahawi told Sky News he was determined to “eradicate” racism in schools, and recalled what he experienced.

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