Among the American developers suggest plagiarism in Fortnite

Desenvolvedores de Among Us sugerem plágio em Fortnite

It is an electronic game Last Tuesday (17) announced a new game mode called impersonators, which places 10 players on a map full of rooms, divided between eight agents and two crooks.

Agents need to perform on-site maintenance tasks, while scammers have to kill everyone before they are discovered. Everyone can still hold meetings, discuss and vote to get a suspicious person out of the game.

As expected, the similarities with Between us It caught the attention of gamers – and even developers in inner laziness, who posted comparisons of games on their social networks.

On your Twitter, programmer Gary Porter Compare the structure of the maps and comment on it It is an electronic game Copying The Skeld, changing only a few areas, such as electrical and nursing.

“I wasn’t even on the team when Skeld was created and I still feel offended. Anyway, that’s my opinion of everything,” he wrote. Check out the jobs below:

Victoria Tran, community manager Between us, has shown that he is not happy with the situation either in the series of posts in Twitter.

“It was really nice to collaborate. Only sad hours from the Indies. So, [está tudo bem usar] Game mechanics, because they should not be monopolized. But at least they can [usar] Different topics or terms to make things more interesting? “, he added.

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It is an electronic game Available for free for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile phones. Previously Between us It’s intended for PC and Switch, but it’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon. The game also has a free mobile version.

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