AMM participates in the fifteenth meeting of the Forum of Mayors of Mariana – Assembly of Municipalities of Minas Gerais

AMM participates in the fifteenth meeting of the Forum of Mayors of Mariana – Assembly of Municipalities of Minas Gerais

President of AMM and Mayor of Coronel Fabriciano Dr. Marcos Vinicius participated, on Friday morning (06/23), in the fifteenth meeting of the Forum of Mayors, in Mariana, in the central region of the state, together with the Mayor of São José do Guiabal, José Roberto Gariff. Guimarães, President of the General Confederation for the Defense and Revitalization of Rio Doce (Coridoce), organizer of the event.

The Forum was attended by the Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, Romeo Zema, the Minister of Planning, Luisa Barreto, the Minister of the Environment, Marilia Carvalho, the Deputy Attorney General Carlos Andre, and about 50 mayors from the states of Minas. Gerais and Espírito Santo, as well as representatives of the municipalities affected by the tragedy of the collapse of the Fundão dam, in 2015, in order to jointly search for solutions with a positive impact on the municipalities that make up the college.

In the assessment of the AMM Chair, the Forum is enhanced, at each meeting, by bringing together Mayors, Governors and Trustees. “We put on the negotiating table the Mariana Agreement renegotiation, showing that the municipal administrators are very interested and united. We are not only focused on the agreement at the level of Brazil, but we also have a lawsuit in England (against the Anglo-Australian mining company BHP Billiton, in the UK , with 700,000 people and entities represented in the lawsuit over the violation of the dam Is Fundão (MG) in 2015). So, there are two fronts for action. We realize that these benefits are not for mayors, but for all citizens, especially those most affected, “says Dr. Tires.

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During the meeting, agendas of interest to municipalities were discussed, such as investments in infrastructure, health, education, and public safety. In addition, discussions on joint actions to address the challenges arising from the dam collapse and to seek measures to restore and revitalize the affected area were strengthened.

The participation of the mayor and other mayors reinforces the importance of dialogue between municipal managers, with the aim of strengthening municipalities and the sustainable development of cities.

At the meeting, Romeo Zema reiterated the commitment of the Government of Minas Gerais to participate in the negotiation process for the renegotiation of the Mariana Convention, with a focus on defending the interests of the affected population and effectively repairing the damage caused by the tragedy. He regretted the delay in effective compensation measures for those affected, due to the model that today has many meetings, consultations, analyzes and examinations, but the operating effectiveness is low.

“What we want is to use and improve what has already been proven to work better, which is the judicial agreement signed by the Public Authority for Compensatory Actions related to the Brumadinho tragedy. Although it happened recently, in 2019, the term has already caused many city and state halls to see Works and improvements “Our government is sparing no efforts to ensure that the new agreement is signed as soon as possible,” Zima added.

Ahead of the forum, the CEO of Minas Gerais heard reports from some residents affected by the rupture of the dam in the Marianas and highlighted the importance of prompt repayment, and that it is up to the federal government to conclude the agreement, with the terms already relaxed. Between Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo.

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The meeting ended with the identification of strategic actions and concrete proposals to improve the quality of life of residents and advance public policies in the participating municipalities.

AMM reaffirms its commitment to promoting initiatives that contribute to the development of the municipalities of Minas Gerais and the well-being of its inhabitants, working in partnership with government departments and other representative entities.


Since its inception, the Permanent Forum of Mayors of the Rio dos Basin has been actively and resolutely engaged in the defense of the municipalities it represents, through coordinated action, federal dialogue, representation, and the recognized expertise of those who actually run it.

The Forum of Mayors, legitimately constituted with the legal personality of the General Union for the Defense and Revitalization of the Rio Doce, remains faithful to the constitutional principles of legality, impersonality, morality, publicity, and competence.

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