AMD can switch to LGA system on AM5 socket – like Intel

AMD can switch to LGA system on AM5 socket - like Intel

If true, the change brings a jump in the number of contacts and support for DDR5

a AMD It can be switched to using technology LGA The next generation of sockets for your processors, the AM5. Abbreviation, which means Ground grid matrix, The same as used by Intel Corporation Years ago, and it could represent a huge shift in the red side of power after a decade with PGA (Pin Grid Array).

As we can see in the tweet above, the information comes from executable, An account on Twitter Which has been hit by leaks and rumors in the past, so it’s worth watching – keeping “foot in the back” important, because it’s not official.

In his tweet, “the leak” says we will have an LGA-1718, which means it has a jack 1718 contacts. This represents an increase more or less 29% Regarding AM4, which has 1,331 contacts. The reason for this technological change in the leak has not been revealed, but if the information is confirmed, we can be sure that AMD will spend a lot of time on its presentations explaining the reason for the migration and the improvements it expects to introduce with the new format.

Also in a tweet, support for DDR5 In the dual channel, which is more expected for the next generation of AMD. Memory manufacturers have been announcing their progress in developing the new RAM module format for some time, so AMD and Intel are clearly gearing up for it. Intel has already confirmed that the 12th Generation Alder Lake Processors will support DDR5 later this year, so we’re still waiting for some major revelations from AMD.

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ExecutableFix also says that the AM5 Socket will maintain support at PCIe 4.0 slot And not moving towards PCIe 5.0, which is very logical. The current interface still takes care of the hardware we currently have, so moving to PCIe 5.0 would generate costs and make cards more expensive without offering much return to the user.

Finally, the user also states that the chipset in the AM5 will be the 600 Series, which is another piece of information within expectations.

Source: Tom’s devices

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