Amanda, from BBB 23, denies dating Cara de Sabato: ‘We maintain the same relationship’ | Fashion beauty

Amanda, from BBB 23, denies dating Cara de Sabato: ‘We maintain the same relationship’ |  Fashion beauty

Amanda denies dating Cara de Sabato

“anxiety.” This is what Amanda Mirelles felt like in her SPFW debut. The BBB 23 champion was one of the guests at Santa Resistência’s fashion show, this Saturday, 5/27, and it was just an emotion to see the models walk the catwalk:

“I was very worried, because I’ve always been a consumer of fashion, and I’ve always been very attentive to all the news, all the trends. I loved it, it was a great experience. In addition to the pieces, we could see the light, the lighting, the music, the models, even that whole aura, that atmosphere From her, it was an indescribably exciting experience. I am still surprised because she was really beautiful.”

Amanda, the BBB 23 champion, arrives to see the Santa Resistência fashion show – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/gshow

When asked about the opportunity to also take a chance as a model, as well as some of her former incarceration mates, Amanda said, “Look, I’m someone who’s not used to modeling, but I love challenges. So, who knows next time, if an opportunity arises, I’ll take it.”

Amanda talks about her future career plans

And the topic of Cara de Sabato, of course, came up during the event, as rumors swirled of a possible relationship between the two. But Amanda denied the relationship and confirmed:

“We’re good friends, we talk a lot. He’s a special guy. I have a lot of affection for him. And we keep our friendship here, yeah.”

Amanda Meirelles arrives to enjoy the fashion show at SPFW – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/gshow

Amanda certainly has many admirers who are “chippams” for the couple, and she makes it clear that this affection is beyond offensive haters:

“We can’t please everyone, but I receive so much affection, so much love, that I still can’t get much time to look at bad messages or not-so-positive energies. I receive so much affection, so this ends up being more of the bad part from him haters. “

Amanda Meirelles attends the SPFW fashion show – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/gshow

In addition to her friendship with the fighter, Amanda still maintains extensive contact with Desérticas:

“It’s busy for everyone, but I have a group chat with Desérticas. We talk about everything. About personal and professional plans, about what we’re doing. We maintain a very close relationship, with a lot of affection. The same relationship we had at home too. These days I talked to Alface, I talk to Tina a lot, with Fredinho…”

Amanda tells the topics that happen in the group with Sahara

A month after winning the BBB award, the “recca virus” apparently attacked the champion version, who donned a one-piece to enjoy an SPFW run. About the changes in appearance, Amanda says that the only thing she did was put on voluminous hair:

“But I haven’t had fillers yet. I need to tweak my Botox a bit, because the time has come, but, other than that, I haven’t had any other aesthetic procedure. I’m very happy with the way I look at the moment. But, who knows, We can never say.”

Amanda comments on the aesthetic procedures

Meet the heroes

Amanda, from BBB 23, and Maria Melillo, champion of BBB 11 – Photo: Leo Franco/AgNews

BBB 23 Champion Amanda Meirelles arrives at SPFW – Photo: Fabiano Battaglin/gshow

Amanda Mirelles – Photo: Disclosure

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