Allison says the UK ‘solution’ to Brazil is ‘meaningless’

Allison says the UK 'solution' to Brazil is 'meaningless'

Alison has no problem representing Brazil in this month’s World Cup qualifier, but the Liverpool goalkeeper has created “another problem” for the England government.

Allison was one of four Liverpool players who traveled to red-lined countries during the international break in October, and Fabinho was called up to the Brazil national team.

Couples will travel in service to Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, as returnees from all three countries are subject to isolated rules upon return to the UK.

The government, however, made an exception for footballers, allowing them to train and play during the 10-day isolation period — although Allison and Fabinho could miss their upcoming matches against Watford and Atletico Madrid.

Because, on another continent, Watford’s match takes place 35 hours after the final for Brazil – a really different issue from the isolated saga.

Atletico’s departure takes place in a different country, so flights, travel and accommodation are needed in Spain. How it works with UK-recognized isolation has not been disclosed.

A player can play and train in an isolated place recognized in the UK, but how does it work for a match in another country?

Therefore, Alison believes that even if it is completely vaccinated, she will have to spend more time away from family, creating “another problem” for him and his partner.

“They solved one problem for us with another problem,” he said. ESPN Brazil.

“We are going to represent our national team, it is our duty and it is our duty to honor our shirt and represent our country.

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“By going there and doing this, we are away from our family. When we come back, we should be away from them for another 10 days.”

Alison noted that football is back in England before any other form of entertainment [COVID-19] ‘But now it seems that’ the authorities have no faith in ethics’.

“The government has encouraged soldiers to be vaccinated. We have been vaccinated. They have all been fully vaccinated,” he added, adding that “99%” of his team now enjoy double success.

“However, in spite of everything you said, we must go back and isolate.

“We don’t want to be unique in any way, we want the decisions made to be the same as they already are.

“We understand the situation in the world, it is a complex situation, but the decisions made are meaningless.

“So I think a lot of people will accept it. Maybe someone will disagree, but in terms of isolation it’s my intention.

Alison is a smart and emotional guy, so it’s no surprise he talks smart about a meaningless situation where players are threatened with suspension if they don’t do vain homework.

However, there does not seem to be the same solutions, as usual, it is the players who suffer in the end.

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