Allen reveals Trizal’s dream with Dai and Liu Lenz

Allen reveals Trizal's dream with Dai and Liu Lenz

Aline Mineiro revealed that she dreams about Trisal with Diane Melo and boyfriend Leo Lenz.

During a conversation this morning with Erasmo Viana, Rico Melquiades and Diane in the headquarters kitchenfarm 13″ (RecordTV), the former paranoid said she’d like to see the model and her boyfriend “make.”

It would be my dream to see you two [Dayane e Leo Lins]

“Men, look at the camera over there,” said Erasmus, embarrassed at the piece being revealed. “No, I don’t want her son. Leave it to us,” he picked up a laugh.

Previous Panic also revealed that it’s normal to be with other people in her relationship with Leo Linz. “It happens, it happens a lot and we have fun. You’ll love it! But I want to have a full afternoon, morning, noon and evening! If it’s not all day, there is no Grace,” the girl explained.

After chatting, the couple exchanged several kisses and approached the bathroom.

The Farm 2021: Aline Mineiro and Diane Melo kiss each other

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

early, Ellen Mineiro promised the audience that she would accept the model Like there’s no tomorrow at next Friday’s party if Diane isn’t eliminated in The third farm.

If Dai stays, I’ll kiss her a lot at the party. Brazil you will see. I want a meme everywhere.

Farm 2021: Aline promises to kiss Dayane if she runs away from the fields

Farm 2021: Allen promised to kiss Diane if she ran away from the fields

Photo: Playback / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Who Should Clear the Fields and Become the Farmer of the Week?


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Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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