Aline bursts into tears and takes advice from Solange

Aline bursts into tears and takes advice from Solange

Aline Mineiro broke down in tears during ‘Festa Saloon’, in “farm 13″ (RecordTV), saying he’s very happy to be on reality villager. Solange Gomez consoled her and offered some advice to her fellow prisoner.

“No one believed me,” Allen said with a sigh.

No one believed me either. Not before, not during and they still don’t believe me, said Solange.

“That’s too big, Seol. Too big. God has blessed me so much,” the former panicked celebrated.

The two hugged and Allen continued to cry. Solange advised the pawn.

You are beautiful. Enjoy your youth. Keep what I tell you forever. Enjoy your beauty, my youth. Long live, enjoy it because time is running out. When time passes, we don’t go back. Solange Gomez

Allen thanked “Thanks, because I was rock bottom.”

“Yes, have fun,” said the former Banyu Gogo. “Bring your youth, your beauty, for it will not return. My king will not return.”

Allende said Solange was “awesome” and “an inspiration”. Solange returns to say her youth never came back and to advise her fellow prison mates.

Take it. Don’t let it go. Take it all. Take it all, huh? Well? Don’t let anything pass, nothing in this life. This is the advice I give you all. Lovely, enjoy,” Seol continued.

“Grateful,” Allen concluded.

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