Algarvian mayors fear UK decision

Algarvian mayors fear UK decision

AMAL – The Alcarve Interim Community, which unites 16 mayors of the region, condemns the UK’s decision to remove Portugal from the “green list” and calls on the government to retain support for businesses ready to receive English tourists. So, they are in a more difficult situation now.

In AMAL’s view, the decision reads “contrary to the efforts of European countries to allow the people’s movement and contribute to economic recovery”.

Furthermore, without understanding the «and arguments AM, AMAL considers this« decision to end in double condemnation: on the one hand, it comes shortly after a positive expectation is created, which animates the algorithm, and on the other hand, it has a huge negative impact on tourism in a region that is highly dependent on tourism Because it is already one of the most punished from the beginning of the epidemic.

According to the organization, “many British people have canceled their holidays in Algarve” since the British government announced that Portugal would no longer be on the list of safest countries to travel to.

This is “a situation that, of course, worries AMAL” because “many businesses in the region have calculated the increase in foreign customers and hired more staff”.

For this reason, the mayors are calling on the government to retain support for Alcarve’s merchants as a way to reduce the impact of any obligations and postpone the process of reviving the regional economy.

AMAL regrets that AR Alcarve is no longer an option for many foreigners, but hopes that the UK decision will not contaminate other countries’ opinion, ensures that the region is ready to receive tourists safely and monitors the progress of the ‘epidemic’ report concludes.

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