An American website places the Brazilian among the candidates for the Slipknot Drummer Award

An American website places the Brazilian among the candidates for the Slipknot Drummer Award

The drummer is gone for a long time Jay Weinberg to Sliding knot Obviously it wasn’t friendly at all, but fans and press are already thinking about the future of the famous – and Brazilian – Nu Metal band Eloy Casagrande It may be on the horizon.

American portal Metal injectionOne of the most important heavy metal musicians in the United States of America has put together a list of seven drummers who could play the role, including the musician currently in… dangerous.

The site acknowledged that Eloy is employed and fully active with the legendary Brazilian metal band, but considered that the Slipknot drummer could reach another, “more aggressive” level. do you agree?

The report also states that the band he currently leads Corey Taylor There are no shows scheduled until the festival A sick new world In April 2024, enough time to quietly select Jay Weinberg’s replacement.

Eloy Casagrande in Slipknot?

Along with Sepultura musicians, Metal has injected names like Jeremy Klingwho just left Phenom Company He has been dubbed Slipknot’s “secret drummer” by fans online.

The Austrian Gate was also cited Leshner cream (decapitated, rotting), which was considered after her departure Joey JordisonAnd even Domino SantantonioChannel teacher drum Which we show you here learning “before I forget” in the beginning.

It should be noted that in 2022, Eloy Casagrande competed with Jay Weinberg for Metal Drummer of the Year and ended up losing. Will the Brazilian’s path cross with Slipknot’s again?

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What happened to Jay Weinberg?

On November 5, Slipknot suddenly announced the departure of Jay Weinberg, who had been a member of the band since 2014 and had recorded every album since. .5: Gray chapter Even the People’s Army Adderall this year.

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Nearly 10 days after his dismissal, the drummer said he was “shocked and surprised” by the news he received in the early hours of 5. Slipknot said only that Weinberg’s dismissal was due to a “desire to continue to evolve.”

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