AI creates a game based on the user’s request

AI creates a game based on the user’s request

ChatGPT is successful in many areas, being able to help with different types of demands, even professions. However, its benefits are not limited to working people. This is because, now, anyone looking for some free time can have fun with the new ChatGPT puzzle.

ChatGPT success

For those who are not updated with the latest reality, ChatGPT is a prototype for Chat bot With artificial intelligence (AI) powered by OpenAI.

It specializes in conversations, and the ability to fulfill certain “wishes” on demand, such as creating long texts and elaborate emails. To do this, you just send a command and it delivers everything simply and quickly, with the details as if it was written by people.

Including, on the last day 12, this topic made it to Fantastico. The article dealt with the transformer’s performance and the use of this technique even in love dialogues.

Complete game

The AI ​​model received human help to develop its game. In this sense, Daniel Tait directed Chat bot They created a website for the game with the goal of being able to play for everyone.

It required the AI ​​to make a game similar to Sudoku, but it wasn’t there. That is, ChatGPT must completely create a game to satisfy the user’s request.

Sudoku aims to place numbers 1 to 9 in each empty cell in a 9×9 grid, made up of 3×3 sub-grids called areas. For this, logic is used, and it can be played by people of all ages.

How does the new game work?

Sumplete has different bases, but the similarities to inspiration are clear. Players are given grids with numbers that vary in difficulty.

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The basic for beginners has three rows and three columns, increasing difficult to 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and so on. The most advanced grids are 9 by 9 and difficult to solve.

Each cell of the grid contains a number, and the end of each row and column also contains numbers. To finish the game, the person must eliminate the numbers in each cell so that the sum of the remaining numbers is the target number plus each row and column.

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