After the Ericsson play, the Premier League donated 2,000 defibrillators to youth clubs in the UK | International football

After the Ericsson play, the Premier League donated 2,000 defibrillators to youth clubs in the UK |  International football

The Premier League announced this Friday that it will be donating defibrillators to 2,000 youth clubs in the UK with the aim of improving relief conditions in the event of a sudden illness. The league will partner with the English Federation and the Football Foundation, an organization that promotes the sport in communities and neighborhoods across the UK.

Donations will be divided into two phases. First, defibrillators will be sent to facilities funded by the Football Foundation, where the device is not yet available. Then, countless base clubs can solicit donations for the device.

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It aims to support more than 2,000 installations nationwide, with at least half of the devices delivered before the start of the 2021/22 season. The Premier League says defibrillators could help environments involving 1.5 million people. Each location will have one person available to take an online course on how to use the devices.

– We hope it will make a difference in saving someone’s life by allowing more convenience to own a device. The tragic incident we all witnessed when Christian Eriksen collapsed during Euro 2020 highlights the need for more defibrillators to be available in the football community – said Premier League Managing Director Richard Masters.

The case of Eriksson, who suffered a heart attack in the first round of the Euro Cup group stage, has caught the world’s attention. The player fainted at the end of the first half of the fight against Finland and had to go through a revival maneuver. Later, doctors said the player’s heart had suddenly stopped and he was “broken.” However, for quick care, using a portable defibrillator, it is necessary to leave the field where he is already awake and spend less than a week in the hospital.

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  • The Danish doctor confirmed Eriksson’s heart block and recalled the maneuver: “He’s gone.”

Ericsson’s post at a hospital in Copenhagen, in a post he was admitted to hospital – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Faced with the former Tottenham player’s play, the Premier League decided to create a fund called the Premier League Defibrillator Fund, which would add $ 100 million to the league’s seasonal investment in grassroots football and social facilities across the UK.

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According to the Premier League, 12 young people between the ages of 12 and 35 die of heart problems every week in the UK.

– In light of the recent incident with Christian Erickson, I can not stress that defibrillators are valuable in saving someone’s life. I urge clubs to take advantage of the FA’s background and training, and I’m confident that the health and well – being of the players will be a priority – said Nigel Huddleston, England’s Minister of Sports.

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