After Ludmila’s fans invaded Luana Piovani’s profile, the actress warns: “I will continue to shine” | entertainment

After Ludmila’s fans invaded Luana Piovani’s profile, the actress warns: “I will continue to shine” |  entertainment

Luana Piovani I used social media this Wednesday (08.11) to reflect. The actress reposted a thought by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and wrote: “For those who deprive me of sleep, be careful. The Father has chosen me, and the harvest will never be good. I am taking care of everything, as always, but I know that in the future I will think: ‘It took some time. Time, but it always comes…just thinking of course. “I will continue to shine and take care of my garden.”

Luana Piovani – Photo: Instagram

This thought came after Luana’s Instagram profile was invaded by Ludmilla’s fans. The actress shared a video where the singer failed to perform the national anthem. “Shame on others,” the post read. Lyudmila stated that she faced technical problems and her voice could not be heard in some parts of the song.

“Hi Luana. I follow you and I really like your stances, but, hey, writing a story about a mistake made by Ludmila, who is an artist, our sister, who was there, in an environment that was previously primarily white, male and female. One netizen said in a brief Luana: “What she needed at that moment was hate from someone who preached the exact opposite. “It was unnecessary, sad and inelegant.” Another asked: “Where are the excuses for Ludmila?”

“It was an audio failure, Luana. You can see in the video that Loud keeps moving his mouth, but the sound is not coming out. Delete this fake news from your story,” one fan asked, justifying the episode. Another condemned: “Have you already apologized to Lyudmila for reposting fake news? Shame on people who repost things without knowing the facts.” “The sorority is only in theory,” one netizen said.

Post by Luana Piovani – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

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