After Davey is harassed at RS, the BBB 24 champion takes strict action

After Davey is harassed at RS, the BBB 24 champion takes strict action

After Davi Brito was Harassment by residents of the city of Canoas, in Rio Grande do Sul, the BBB 24 champion decided to leave the place. This Saturday (11), in a live broadcast on social media, he informed his fans that he will return to Salvador, Bahia. He said he needed to resolve some personal matters in the area where he lives.

“I'm going home. I have some personal matters to sort out. And after a short while, I'll be back in Rio Grande do Sul where we'll team up again to help people who really need it.”


At the beginning of the week, he was subjected to severe criticism. It all started when he was live streaming on Rain Stories. This measure would have disturbed some of the victims of the tragedy who were placed in a shelter in the city.

According to what was reported in the “Canoas Mil Grau” file, the Bahian arrived in the Rio Branco neighborhood on Thursday (10) morning. The former brother had started recording to explain the situation in the place when he was “surprised by many boaters who did not like his presence there.” According to the profile, residents claimed that Davey “was concerned about creating media outlets” in the neighborhood, which was one of the hardest-hit areas.

Davi Brito fills in for RS

Through social media, the former brother asked for donations to be made to his personal PIX and She was criticized by former BBB from Minas Gerais, Ana Paula Reino, for providing “inconsistent information” For followers. Al Bahian revealed that he had already done so He received more than R$70,000 in donations. “Send pix, send pix. Full packing, we'll do our best, full packing.” Travel towards RS.

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In less than 24 hours, Davey reported that he had received R$72,625.20, as he shared on Wednesday morning (8). The amount was partially transferred to the purchase of water bottles and was proven to Davi's followers through an invoice also published on social media for the amount of R$ 41,880. After being subjected to criticism, Al-Bahian explained that he would count the donors through invoices Pointing out that he is “not obligated” to help.

hero BP24, Carrying out boat rescue operations this Thursday (9) Also in Canoas. Hey Bahian arrived in Rio Grande do Sul on Wednesday (8)She indicated that they obtained three supply trucks, one for water and two for food, through the donations they received, and I visited the kitchen of a shelter. Duffy said he was in Rio Grande do Sul to help residents He is from Rio Grande do Sul and does not know when he will return to El Salvador, where he lives.

With information from Patricia Márquez and María Clara Lacerda

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