Director Jonathan Majors says he improvised a scene from the last episode

Director Jonathan Majors says he improvised a scene from the last episode

the actor Jonathan Majors Improvised one of the scenes from the last episode of lokiAccording to the director and executive producer Kate Heron. Majors played One Who Remains, the name behind AVT.

Heron said nothing was agreed about Majors climbing the table while talking to Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and selfie (Sophia Di Martino).

“He never had to climb the table. That was fun with improvisation. [A equipe de câmera] Saw him start to move, and fall [Durald, a diretora de fotografia] I kind of said “Okay..” Then the cameras started to move; It was like dancing with him. But this was not planned. It just surprised us because it was so cool. That was something fun with him: I love the way he brought movement into the character in different ways, because I think it was really important too.”, said Heron, to Entertainment Weekly.

Heron is a major force behind cameras lokiAnd the He will not return in the second season of the series Give marvel No Disney +. She herself confirmed the news last Friday (16).

“I’m not going back. I’ve always planned to just do this first year – and to be honest, season two wasn’t something that had been thought of until now. The renewal has just been announced, and I’m really happy about it. I want to watch it as a fan. Next season, but As for my work: I’m proud of what we’ve done, and I’ve given everything I can for this series. I’m working on other things now, and I’ll announce it soon.”and hung.

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renewal loki It was confirmed in a post-credits scene from the final episode of season one, which came out last Wednesday (14). The first six seasons of the series can be watched on Disney+.

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