After criticizing Rodriginho, Tati Quebra Barako says she will enjoy the carnival with the singer: “It's a game”

After criticizing Rodriginho, Tati Quebra Barako says she will enjoy the carnival with the singer: “It's a game”

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A week ago, Tati Quebra Baraco was performing on Big Brother Brasil, and on Sunday the 28th of this month, she was partying at Bloco da Lexa in the pre-Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The concert, which took place in the most watched house in Brazil, sparked severe criticism of Rodryginho for his attitude. Now the brother is in the spotlight, and if he leaves the reality show, Tati says he will enjoy the carnival with the singer.

“We will not meet unless he goes to Salvador, because my carnival will be there, and I will be working. But that's it, it's a game! Get out of here, leave like this… [publica] “That little note, then everything will be fine.” The artist told Terra Report without resentment.

What happened?

The BBB party in the early hours of last Sunday the 21st was full of funk with Tati Quebra Barraco, Valesca Popozuda and DJ Marlboro. The night resulted in a moment that went viral, as Valeska began swaying at the sound of the ban in front of Rodriguinho, causing him to leave the sofa he was sitting on. He also said at home that he was uncomfortable with words deemed obscene.

Sister-in-law, Bruna Amaral, shared a message from a follower praising the singer's “delicate musical taste” and understanding his position at the concert.

“Bruna from heaven, I see Rodriginho on BBB, I'm watching this horror show today, and I remember that 4 months ago I was at Usher's badass show, I really understand his expressions. Besides being a great musician, he has such fine musical taste that only a few will understand that.” Kisses, always with Rodriginho,” the fan sent to Bruna, who replied: “You don’t need to say anything else, do you?!”

After that, Tati Quebra Barraco did not stay quiet. “The rumor on the networks is that Rodriginho has good music taste. He got tired of enjoying Tati Quebra Barraco's show and vice versa. He sang on my birthday and so on. Does your personality change after years?,” he said, sharing a video of the two singing together. . The post is no longer available.

Source: Redacao Terra

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