Guipa attacks Brenno, raises production alert and reprimands TV news

Guipa attacks Brenno, raises production alert and reprimands TV news

Guipa set up a hut in the palace after the danger zone was formed in A Grande Conquista 2. The journalist clashed with his rivals, hitting Brino Pavarini and Bruno Cardoso and being reprimanded by the reality show's production team. The program team warned: “Stay away, as this content is inappropriate.”

Tensions escalated after the vote. Under the spotlight are Rodrigue, Perrino and Caio Pironi who will compete in the Prova da Virada on Wednesday (22).

After the live show, Caio tried to talk to Perino. “I hope from the bottom of my heart that the truth will come out,” said the army officer, who accused the participant of speaking poorly about him to MC Mari.

“I didn't say anything bad about you. Marie was in front of the door… And when I tried to explain to you that I tried to defend you there, you didn't take it as a defense. Marie was in front of me, Edeline was on the side, you turned your back to me,” the actor defended. about himself.

But Perino did not want to continue the conversation. “Kaio, I'm not talking to you,” he warned, leaving the bar's side.

Shortly thereafter, an argument began between Goeba and Mary after exchanging wedding vows. The broadcaster said jokingly: “The one telling me to be quiet is my mother. I’m sorry. Who are you?”

“The leader of the group,” the singer replied. The journalist said, “What a leader… Whoever has a leader is a tribe.” “I feel sorry for you,” the artist replied. “I will not talk to you anymore. Brazil is on my side, and I will make your game hell,” Jeba promised.

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The sports commentator also raised an alleged assault accusation. He asked: “Irregular information leads to prosecution. Did you say I assaulted you?” Mary asked, “Did anyone here hear me say the word aggression?”

Breno intervened in the fight: “Giba, come on. Charge me too.” “Brennao, you will be leaving the program soon. Unfortunately, I am warning you about this. You will be taken advantage of by her,” the caller said.


The exchange of insults began after that. In the confusion, journalist Bruno Cardoso attacked. “You'll have to put up with me, because now I'll be the bad boy. I'll stay here as long as I want,” said Giba.

“I'm not afraid of you…” said the clown. The announcer almost touched his nose to the boy who turned away. “I'm just afraid of what might be done,” Bruno said. “So you're scaring me.”

“Are you running away? Let's talk to me. You have to put up with me,” the Sao Paulo native quipped. Mary advised her colleague to remain still, and the other participants went to see what was happening in the room. The presenter explained: “That's it, Kayo. He already touched me, and is trying to kiss me.”

Guipa then came face to face with Brenno. “What do you think I'll do?” asked the actor. “For the love of God, Jeba,” the singer asked.

The transmission sound was cut off for a few seconds. After that, the detainees conveyed a message from the production. “Inappropriate content? I'll go there.” [no vestiário]”, the journalist was surprised.

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Bruno advised his teammates not to pick a fight and said Guipa wanted to go against the house to appear as a victim. “He's drowning alone,” Mary said.


The announcer then left the locker room. “I asked about inappropriate content, which I didn't understand. That's all I asked,” he said.

“When you stalked me with the intention of kissing me, that was inappropriate content,” Bruno complained. The caller claimed: “I didn't kiss you, I'm just talking to you. I didn't hear what you said.”

“Step aside because this content is inappropriate. You were face to face,” Fernando Sampaio repeated. “That's what I asked. Thank you for that,” thanked Giba.

But the argument continued even after the reprimand. “You're doing this for a game, you're desperate,” Mary accused. The announcer replied: “I've played alone all my life. I'm fine.”

The clown said his rival also used the same strategy when he was at Villa. “I'm leaving next week, the next week… you're leaving too. You're not going to win,” Giba said.

“Well, I won't win. But I don't want to lose to people like you,” Breno replied. “Come back tomorrow, put me down [na zona de risco]Then I go to Brazil and back again. I'll samba in your face. The only problem I have is with you two,” the journalist sneered.

The presenter also stated that he would remove Marie and Perino from the reality show. “Oh my god, take me off the show,” the blonde joked. “I will take them one by one. I hope to go to the good people,” the journalist said, citing Lezian Gutierrez, Joao Haddad and Vinigram as examples.

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The actor replied: “Lizzy that you called a cow?” “You're using context out of context. You're the one who's suffered so much from things out of context. Congratulations. I'm going to riot, huh, production, I'll tell you. You're going to have to put up with it, because I'm not leaving, I'm staying,” she shouted absently as she left the room. .

Watch the moment:

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