After Camila Queiroz’s resignation, Angel’s rival becomes star of Secret Truths 2 TV News

After Camila Queiroz's resignation, Angel's rival becomes star of Secret Truths 2 TV News

distance Camila Queiroz announces resignationGloboplay insisted on highlighting Angel’s rival in Secret Facts 2. In a call launched by the WhatsApp streaming service, Lara (Júlia Byrro), The girl who promised to destroy the life of the protagonist in the plotShe stands out strong and ready to become a successful model, just like her enemy.

“Secret Truths 2 Part 3 arrives today, at 9:30pm. It’s time for us to start solving some puzzles and creating others as well. Lara gets everything done to pick Blanche Agency” [Maria de Medeiros], and Visky [Rainer Cadete] He does not even suspect her intentions with his little butterfly ”, says the letter sent to registered subscribers.

In the scene in question, Araid’s daughter (Maria Luisa Mendonca) underwent a real transformation and appeared in a series of sensual exercises, as if she was already a singer on the catwalk.

In the series, Lara swears to take revenge on Angel, who she believes is largely responsible for all the misfortunes she has been through. According to columnist Carla Bittencourt, of Metrópoles, expectations are that the new model will kill Camila Queiroz’s character at the end of Verdades Secretas 2 – and that will be the actress’s contested outcome that has caused conflict behind the scenes. in Globo.

In a note sent to the press, Globo stated that Camila Queiroz made “unacceptable” contractual demands. The statement shows that the translator who previously entered it Disagreement with audience leader over commitments to Netflix, was given an ultimatum to continue the story and wanted to determine the outcome of Giovanna’s competitor (Agatha Moreira).

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On your Instagram page, Camila He defended himself and said he had been “punished”. from the announcer.

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