After 20 years away from the catwalk, Valeria Valença shows off tonight at the União de Maricá show

After 20 years away from the catwalk, Valeria Valença shows off tonight at the União de Maricá show

Valeria Valencia makes up for her return to the parades at the Marques de Sabucay Disclosure / Felipe Cotto

After a hiatus of almost 20 years, the model and businesswoman Valeria Valencia, who rose to prominence as a fashion model, returns tonight to the shows of the samba school at the Marquis de Sabocai. It will showcase the União de Maricá team, which will make its debut at the Sambadrome, competing in the Gold Series.

Before heading to the Sambadrome, Valeria gave information about the outfit she will wear on stage. Designed by designer Fernanda Bayao, the dress is made entirely of stones and is very shiny. The model is also shown being made by Edo Moraes for the fashion show.

After an absence of almost 20 years from fashion shows, Valeria Valencia is preparing to return

Regarding her return to the catwalk, Valeria says that “expectations are very high”:

– People who know me know that I am very calm, balanced and peaceful. So, there is the expectation, because the Globeleza cycle is over, and now I have this invitation that I accepted because I had a connection with Marika. But despite that, I'm calm. I'm already at the hotel where I'll be getting ready, and I'm very happy. I think the stress will come more at that time, because it's natural to always give less, right. But I'm happy and everything is beautiful.

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