For Mara Maravilla, a joke with Galisto was taken out of context: ‘Mimimi’ TV News

For Mara Maravilla, a joke with Galisto was taken out of context: 'Mimimi' TV News

Mara Maravelha apologized for that Adriane Galisteu has been called a “nose” in Jogo dos Dots, picture Silvio Santos Program. During the match, the participant took a sheet of paper with the name of the presenter and needs to give advice to her partner to decide who is famous. This Tuesday (28), she said the word was taken out of context to attack her.

“No more imitation!” Mara revolted in a post shared to Instagram Stories. Earlier, she did a live broadcast on social media just to clear up the controversy.

“I am a human being like everyone else, with flaws and traits. I am in the process of evolving. I did not understand why she would react, for nothing. It is not necessary for us to call something an envious, a bad character, a rapist, a thief … when you arrive To a person’s morals, nature, the inside. This is from the outside, if you’re a big mouth, big nose, with a big head, whatever… What matters is on the inside. Everything has context,” he spoke during the live broadcast.

The brunette said that she could have attributed other characteristics such as “host”, “beautiful” and “blond”, but there are many celebrities on the same side. “Two things came to mind, the nose and that she was on the farm. What I do know is that it worked out really well with her nose. I didn’t say she was devoid of talent. My colleague quickly solved the puzzle and that was it. It was a game, a joke, it wasn’t something random or free”, justified.

“She can’t say anything else, and what we say is interpreted differently, not with the intent that we say. This situation in Galisto is enough. I see her return to television as an answer to many situations.” […] What is the problem of a big nose? Me too! What’s the problem with having a big butt like JoJo Todinho? If she’s not upset, why make such a fuss? “

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Adriane responded to Mara by posting a self-acceptance of hers on Instagram. Without mentioning, she wrote, “Me and my nose again… Have you ever wondered why you charge so much and find yourself so flawed? For the simple fact of listening to others. You care so much what the other person will think.” Names.

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