Aeroflot ban from European airspace begins

Aeroflot ban from European airspace begins

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris JohnsonIt was announced this afternoon, Thursday (24/02), that the airline Aeroflot would be banned from flying over the country or conducting flights to it.

This action is part of an individual package from the UK to retaliate against the recent Russian attack in Ukraine, which began in the last few hours.

The UK has also suspended export licenses to Russia, and will ban exports of certain high-tech exports. This decision may affect, for example, Airbus aircraft currently operating in Aeroflot's fleet.

The measure also includes freezing the assets of Russian companies with branches in the United Kingdom, as well as defense industries.

It is worth noting that Ukraine closed its airspace earlier this Thursday (24). The decision was followed by Moldova, which froze flights and closed its airspace, while Russia advised against conducting any civilian flights near the border between Ukraine and Russia.

The airspace closure measure is already affecting aviation in many countries, as flights need to be diverted, leading to increased fuel consumption.

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