The “Saúde no lago” and “Longen” projects resume at Nova Mutum

The "Saúde no lago" and "Longen" projects resume at Nova Mutum

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This week the Health Secretariat resumed the “Saúde no Lago” and “Al Taweel” projects, the aim of which is to encourage the practice of physical health and mint by promoting self-knowledge.

Projects run weekly and are open to the entire community.

Psychologist Camilla Fantin of the Municipal Health Department explains that returning to activities is essential and encourages physical and mental health. “We were keen to return to activities. We have only requested the cooperation of the whole community regarding the restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Health.”

Camila also points out that all biosafety rules “It is important that one of his personal tools does not share. We live in a very different moment compared to others, and caring for each other is very important.”Camila concluded.

Lake Health

The project is open to all residents of Nova Mutum and takes place every Monday, from 7 in the morning until 8 in the morning. To participate in the activities, each member must bring a rug, towel, water bottle, and use a mask.

Project extension

“Projeto Alongar” targets all residents of Mutuense and takes place every Monday, from 5:30 pm to 6 pm, in Paço municipality. The suggestion works on stretching exercises, stimulating memorization with repetitive movements, and working on the flexibility of the body, which promotes tightening of muscle fibers, loss of calories and well-being. An elongated mind and body is the perfect combination for our health.

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