Actress reveals “supernatural phenomena” in “Mamonas Assassinas”

Actress reveals “supernatural phenomena” in “Mamonas Assassinas”

Actress and digital influencer Fernanda Schneider, popularly known as ViviHe stated this in an interview with the newspaper the world That “supernatural phenomena” would have occurred during the recording of the film Deadly castor beans. She is part of the production team.

During filming, Vivi claims that she felt the presence of the band members. The actress said that when the light went out completely, there was only one flashing above the “yellow Brasilia.” At another point, she said a green light appeared on the stage.

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The social media influencer talks about various “strange” situations and situations, in addition to supernatural phenomena. Moreover, Fifi is the first Brazilian to have a page on this topic in the country.

About the actress’s role in the film Deadly castor beans

Vivi will play the role of Adriana, a fictional character who will be the girlfriend of Dinho, who was the lead singer of the band that had a tragic end in 1996. The plane carrying the five members of the musical group crashed in Serra da. Cantarera, in the northern part of Its capital is Sao Paulo. All those on board the plane died, including the pilot and his co-pilot.

“Adriana is a fictional character who combines the characteristics of two of Dinho’s girlfriends,” the digital influencer said. “It plays an important role in the band’s career, but what I really wanted was for Dinho to have a solo career.”

The biographical film celebrates the legacy of the band, which achieved success in the early 1990s, and the film will be shown in cinemas in Brazil on December 28. The production aims to salvage the history and cultural impact of the film Deadly castor beans.

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The film’s narrative depicts the journey of the band members: vocalist Dinho; Drummer Sergio. Guitarist Samuel. Keyboardist Julio and guitarist Pinto. The production covers everything from the quintet’s meeting in Guarulhos (SP), initially as the rock band Utopia, to their unexpected success as the Mamonas Assassinas.

The film is directed by Edson Spinello and produced by Total Entertainment. Killer Mamonas movie Inspired by biographical films, e.g bohemian rhapsody that it Rocket man. The two films depict the careers of singer-songwriters Freddie Mercury and Elton John, respectively.

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