The adopted son of Mr. Moreira says he was deprived of the inheritance and heard from his father: “Your adoption was a mistake”

Roger Felipe Moreira e Cid Moreira

Hairstylist Roger Moreira says he received a document written by the journalist warning that the boy was no longer part of the veteran’s will

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Raniel Andrade, Metropolis – Journalist Syed Moreira, 93, is accused by his adopted son, Roger Philip Moreira, of being “disinherited”. On Tuesday (7/13), Roger, a hairdresser, told journalist Fabiola Riber of Balanço Geral, of Record, that he had received a document written by Cid warning him that it was no longer part of his will. The boy even showed an excerpt in which Syed says “it was a mistake to adopt”.

“You are still my adopted son because I could not reverse the adoption (…). I made a document and disowned you. I handwritten it and signed it. I collected opinions from health professionals to prove that I am not dementia. It was a mistake to adopt you. I am glad to hear that you able to support yourself,” says part of the text, which was to be written by Cid.

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