According to initial data, the community is reducing hospital admissions to the vaccine in the UK

The vaccine against Govt-19 in the UK has already reached the first dose of more than 15 million people, reducing the number of hospitalizations, deaths and the spread of the corona virus, according to the British newspaper The Times.

Preliminary data show that the immunization program reduces hospital admissions and mortality from Govit-19, compared to cases of the elderly who have been vaccinated against those who do not, the newspaper emphasizes.

Another study conducted among vaccinated health workers also showed low levels of infection, which shows that vaccines reduce cases.

The Times reports that this is primarily preliminary data based on the Pfizer vaccine. The other product used in the UK is AstraZeneca.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged on Monday that there were interesting signs that the vaccines were working, but said he would act “cautiously” and “irreversibly” when deciding to ease current restrictions to control the spread of the virus.

The British immunization program, which began on December 8, entered a new phase yesterday when it began vaccinating people over the age of 65, after four of the most vulnerable groups had already received the first dose.

Health officials hope everyone over the age of 50 will have their first dose by the end of April.

The number of daily infections in the United Kingdom has dropped by 29% in the last seven days, from 9,765 new positives yesterday to 10,972 on Sunday.

The death toll is also declining, with 230 recorded yesterday, 258 on Sunday and 333 last Monday.

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