Access to higher education in the UK is very expensive

Access to higher education in the UK is very expensive

Once Brexit is over, Madeiran students will enter Majestic Lands, no longer paying the same amount of tuition fees as the British, as before.

Matheran is a real headache for students and parents. After Brexit, young people studying in the UK face more difficulties and have to spend more money to live up to the dream of studying in Her Majesty’s Land.

Everything has changed since this school year. The students in the region are not now because they are EU students.

For example, the value of tuition increases once you are considered an international student.

According to the “Save the Student” website, values ​​are estimated to vary from 9 9,250 to, 30,548 (, 10,800 and ,500 35,500) per year, depending on the type of university and course. A degree in medicine can cost as much as, 64,652 (, 75,400) a year.

In addition to the direct costs of education, the UK’s exit from the EU creates other barriers that increase and increase the cost of a foreign citizen studying in the country.

Young people are now paying 0 470 (€ 550) a year and மாணவர் 348 (€ 400) a year for a student visa to use British public health services, which is valid for five years.

In addition, European students, including Portuguese, no longer receive loans from the British government to pay for tuition and other expenses, although they do receive grants from companies and universities.

In recent years, Portugal has become one of the few European countries with a higher number of higher education candidates in the United Kingdom than Germany and Greece.

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According to the latest data from the British University Admissions Service (UCAS), 490 Portuguese students were enrolled in early September, a 69% reduction compared to 1,590 in 2020.

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