Abukarana warns of the increase in respiratory diseases

Abukarana warns of the increase in respiratory diseases

Cases of respiratory diseases during the first four months of this year witnessed a significant jump compared to the same period in 2023. Concern about the public health problem was the subject of a meeting held this Monday (05/27) at the municipal office, between the Mayor of Vimac Junior and the Municipal Minister of Health, Emidio Baciega, and Coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance Department, Luciano Simplicio Sobrinho.

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According to Sobrinho, the increase in serious cases is mainly due to the spread of respiratory syncytial virus, which is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia. “Since the first moments of the year, we have noticed this increase in respiratory syndromes, with an increasing number of patients entering the healthcare system and receiving a diagnosis of bronchiolitis and pneumonia. Cases of disease progression require greater care by specialists,” comments the Coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance Division.

But Sobrinho asserts that the spread of the virus is a national matter. “Many municipalities, such as Campo Grande (MS), have already declared a state of emergency due to the number of cases linked to syncytial disease, which mainly causes bronchiolitis in infants and young children,” Sobrinho points out.

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Given the progress of the epidemiological situation, according to Mayor Vimac Junior, Abukarana has developed measures to intensify the population immunization campaign. “We are one of the cities in Paraná with the highest coverage rate. As soon as we noticed the increase in the number of cases of respiratory diseases, we developed a plan and, in addition to maintaining fixed vaccination points in the health units, over the last few weekends, we also transported the influenza vaccine To locations with high traffic of people, in an active search that reached markets, schools and continuing medical education institutions in different parts of Abukarana,” the mayor stressed.

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In the face of the coming of the “cold months,” the municipal health authority of the city of Abucarana (AMS) has strengthened its warning to residents about the importance of intensifying prevention and also trying to do so, says Municipal Health Secretary Emidio Bachega. Be healthy every day with influenza vaccination, especially for children and the elderly. “This Wednesday, and throughout the day, at the Phoenix Cultural Center, we will promote training targeting health professionals from the Primary Care Network, the Emergency Care Unit (UPA 24 hours), the Children's Center, the Hospital da Providencia, and the coordinators of the Municipal Early Childhood Educational Centers (CMEI) “We will pass new guidelines and working protocols in the face of the increase in serious cases,” Bachega informed. According to him, technical information will be provided by pediatrician Luiz Carlos Busnardo.

Bachega points out that even with the end of the national campaign period, scheduled for Friday (31/05), the influenza vaccine will still be available throughout the UBS Bank, which has a vaccination room, and will be administered free of charge to all residents, regardless of age.

Service in numbers – Between January and April, the Abukarana health network – UBS, UPA and Centro Infantil – recorded 122 cases of pneumonia, compared to 61 in the same period last year, 22 cases of bronchiolitis (04 in 2023) and 268 cases of influenza compared to 145 in 2023. The number of coughs and colds was also higher at 991 compared to 863 in the same quarter last year.

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