Suffering from leukemia, Fabiana Justus dances while hugging her husband in the hospital

Suffering from leukemia, Fabiana Justus dances while hugging her husband in the hospital

Fabiana Justus, 37, who was diagnosed with leukemia, appeared in a video dancing with her husband in the hospital.

What happened

  • Roberto Justus's daughter appeared dancing in the hospital room with her husband, Bruno Levi D'Ancona. Fabiana took a few steps to the sound of Marisa Monti's “Pra Melhorar”. “Here comes the sun. Thank you, God! Thank you, my love,” she wrote.
  • On Thursday the 25th, she spoke about the diagnosis of the disease. in In a video clip she posted on Instagram, Roberto Justus' daughter explained that she was entering the hospital to undergo the first stage of her treatment after discovering that she had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She said she was still taking it all in.
  • The businessman's daughter will spend a month in the hospital. “In this first course of treatment, I will be here in the hospital for a month and then I will be able to go home and regain my energy, which will be very important for me.
  • Justus sent a loving message of support to his daughter, after she revealed she had been diagnosed with leukemia. According to the presenter and businessman, the heiress, who is the result of Justus's previous relationship with Sasha Chrisman, recommended not to visit her in the hospital.
  • “My love! Everything is going to be okay! You are a warrior! We are all sending you so much positive energy! I cannot be with you physically for the reasons you explained, but I am always by your side! I love you!”, he said.

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