A woman was caught with 350 Nintendo Switch games in her bra

A woman was caught with 350 Nintendo Switch games in her bra

In a somewhat ironic story, a woman was stopped at an airport in China after authorities noticed the strange shape of her breasts.

Upon inspection, authorities discovered that she was trying to smuggle 350 Nintendo Switch cartridges out of the country by stuffing them into her bra. All the toys are valued at approximately 70,000 yuan, or $9,660.

Article from Kotaku It reveals that the woman was trying to leave Hong Kong and enter China via Liantang Port, but her nervous behavior and abnormal breast shape raised some suspicions.

For context purposes, it is important to note that China has a regulation that prohibits persons entering China from evading “customs supervision by concealing, disguising, deleting declarations, providing false declarations, or transporting or sending goods whose entry or exit is prohibited or restricted by the country.” . state”.

Assuming Switch cartridges are not considered “restricted” by China, it is unlikely that the woman suspected of smuggling games in her bra would be caught. Alternatively, they could be fined.

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